The Secret Laboratory

Design and pitch the perfect Cyber-Assistant in this Sci-Fi theme workshop. Create a compelling narrative for your design, improve your presentation style and understand how to engage your audience and persuade them

Course Outline

In the first phase of this workshop you’ll be collaborating on a design based on a specification by the client. You’ll have the next generation of technology at your disposal so the sky’s the limit but can you work cohesively on the design to create something not only meets the spec but also anticipates the needs of the end user.

In the second phase you’ll be constructing a presentation that makes a compelling case for your design; not only explaining the features but highlighting benefits and making a clear connection between the product and the end user.

Finally you’ll be delivering your design as a team. You’ll be expected to both sell the product and also demonstrate it in a concise and clear manner.


  • Develop your collaboration and delegation skills
  • Make wise choices about what information should be shared and why
  • Create a narrative that puts end users at the heart of the design
  • Put key benefits ahead of all features, and select them depending on market sectors.

Train the Trainer

Take the lead, learn how to deliver this session or develop your own marvellous experience!

Quest for Success

Become the hero of your own story. Learn to recognise your strengths, build your confidence and craft a plan for your success

Murder Mystery

An unsolved crime and an old transcript are all you'll investigate four suspects and build up a profile of their interests and motivations.

Community Heroes

Join a team of community advisers replying to letters to the local newsletter. A teenager in a toxic friendship needs your help!


This time the story is down to you: improvisation, body language and more go into creating a Carnival of communication

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