Quest for Success

Come on an adventure themed workshop and venture through a wonderland of self discovery. Learn how to find your strengths, find motivation and create plans and strategies to achieve your goals.

Course Outline

The first phase of the course is a review of where you’ve come. Looking at the challenges you’ve faced and the strengths you developed to overcome. It’s also at this stage we’ll explore people who inspire us and explore how they found success and what we can learn from it

The second phase is a tour of different kinds of challenges and how to adapt as each one arises. It’s here we’ll take a look at the resources and opportunities at your disposal

In the third and final phase we’ll put all this together to develop some goals and develop a plan to achieve them.


  • Motivation and improved confidence
  • Strategies to overcome common challenges
  • Clear goals and smart targets
  • A routine and strategy for success.

Train the Trainer

Take the lead, learn how to deliver this session or develop your own marvellous experience!

The Secret Lab

An invitation from a mysterious scientist to design a prototype for the perfect cyber-assistant and then present your ideas.

Murder Mystery

An unsolved crime and an old transcript are all you'll investigate four suspects and build up a profile of their interests and motivations.

Community Heroes

Join a team of community advisers replying to letters to the local newsletter. A teenager in a toxic friendship needs your help!


This time the story is down to you: improvisation, body language and more go into creating a Carnival of communication

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