A Bump in the Night

An unsolved crime and a few scraps of evidence. This workshop will have you asking questions, exploring different possibilities and drawing up profiles of your suspects as you try to work out who the perpetrator is.

Course Outline

In the first phase of this of this we’ll be looking at the only piece of surviving evidence in this cold case. Provided by a witness who was able to hear from a neighbouring apartment you’ll get a transcript of the events as well as some sparse notes about each person.

The second phase will guide you through the process of plausible estimation: using a balance of creativity and common sense to build up profiles of the suspects.

In the third phases it’s up to you to retrace the steps of the characters while considering different possibilities: can you chart out a course of events to find the most likely version of the truth?


  • Creative reasoning and plausible estimation to work out unknowns
  • Building Profiles of people that recognises, tastes, needs, problems and goals/motivation
  • Using empathy and recreating situations to see things from different perspectives

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