Community Heroes

This soap opera themed workshop will see you join an advice team on a local newsletter. You’ll take a look at letters from readers and work together on creating the most helpful responses.

Course Outline

In the first phase of the course we’ll be looking at the different attitudes that make up the community newsletter advice team: Crisis Crushers. In this section we’ll also take a look at simple questions to probe opinions and attitudes to different concepts such as right and wrong; and friendship.

In the second phase you’ll be given the feature letter, one that outlines a dilemma faced by a local teen who appears to be stuck in a toxic friendship. You’ll need to discuss your responses and agree on a solution.

Finally you’ll be asked to co-develop the response to include the best ideas but also communicated in a way that will connect with the reader who wrote the letter.


  • Improved communication and team work
  • Developed negotiation and problem solving
  • Improved empathy and audience awareness
  • Develop critical thinking and challenge preconceived ideas with questioning.

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