Additional Services

We offer three services in addition to our main selection of workshops. Bespoke session development and delivery; individual skills coaching and train the trainer services.

Bespoke Workshops

We can both develop and deliver sessions from scratch that meet your specific aims. This process will involve an initial consultation followed by solution mapping prior to delivery. This package can also be combined with a train the trainer session and licences to continue using any resources created for you.

Train the Trainer

Train the trainer is an additional service to an existing session or a bespoke session developed for you. The services coaches you on how to adapt and deliver the resources for you team and works best when you have a larger number of staff that you’d like to upskill. This service includes a licence to use Marvellous Training Co resources so you can deliver the session without us.

Individual Coaching

This service allow you to access a more personal approach to skills development. This is available for individuals and small groups up to three. This service includes a completely bespoke planning session to outline your goals and can be arranged as a one off session or a series of shorter sessions over a series of weeks.

Quest for Success

Motivation, Goal Setting and Planning
Become the hero of your own story. Learn to recognise your strengths, build your confidence and craft a plan for your success

The Secret Lab

Presentation and Persuasion Skills
An invitation from a mysterious scientist to design a prototype for the perfect cyber-assistant and then present your ideas.

Murder Mystery

Audience Personas and Empathy Mapping
An unsolved crime and an old transcript are all you'll investigate four suspects and build up a profile of their interests and motivations.

Community Heroes

Problem Solving and Negotiation Skills
Join a team of community advisers replying to letters to the local newsletter. A teenager in a toxic friendship needs your help!


Body Language & Communication
This time the story is down to you: improvisation, body language and more go into creating a Carnival of communication

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