Where shall we go?

Come on an adventure! As well as developing your core skills, all our sessions can go in a direction to suit your needs, including recruitment, networking or team building, it’s up to you! And when you’re done we’ll make sure you leave with some fantastic course materials so you can easily take your ideas forward and apply them!


Select an Adventure

Quest for Success

Become the hero of your own story. Learn to recognise your strengths, build your confidence and craft a plan for your success

The Secret Lab

An invitation from a mysterious scientist to design a prototype for the perfect cyber-assistant and then present your ideas.

Murder Mystery

An unsolved crime and an old transcript are all you'll investigate four suspects and build up a profile of their interests and motivations.

Community Heroes

Join a team of community advisers replying to letters to the local newsletter. A teenager in a toxic friendship needs your help!


This time the story is down to you: improvisation, body language and more go into creating a Carnival of communication

Train the Trainer

Take the lead, learn how to deliver our sessions and develop your own marvellous experiences too!

Marvellous Values

Our sessions all share these values:

  • Creativity: Sessions will allow you to be imaginative and solve problems thoughtfully
  • Collaboration: Group based activities to develop understanding, empathy and communication
  • Engagement: Interactive content which feels worthwhile and allows you to make valued contributions
  • Freedom: You should enjoy yourself, feel included and that all perspectives are welcome
All our sessions have been developed to add value to your skills, your self-esteem and leave you feeling better off than when you arrived.

The Marvellous Training Co. was started by Alex Robertshaw to provide creative, fun and practical solutions for people and teams looking for new ways to develop.

Read more about The Marvellous Training Company, or contact us to talk about what we can provide.

“I never lose, I either win or learn”

Nelson Mandela