Marvellous Workshops

Our training workshops are immersive experiences that will help you develop core skills in a fun and imaginative way. They’ve each been delivered around our core values of creativity, collaboration, empowerment and freedom. Above all the aim of every session is to leave you feeling better off than when you arrived.

We gladly adapt sessions for team building, networking or recruitment events. Get in touch to find out more.

Our Workshops

Quest for Success

Motivation, Goal Setting and Planning
Become the hero of your own story. Learn to recognise your strengths, build your confidence and craft a plan for your success

The Secret Lab

Presentation and Persuasion Skills
An invitation from a mysterious scientist to design a prototype for the perfect cyber-assistant and then present your ideas.

Murder Mystery

Audience Personas and Empathy Mapping
You'll be tasked with investigating four suspects in an unsolved crime and build up a profile of their interests and motivations.

Community Heroes

Problem Solving and Negotiation Skills
Join a team of community advisers replying to letters to the local newsletter. A teenager in a toxic friendship needs your help!


Body Language & Communication
This time the story is down to you: improvisation, body language and more go into creating a Carnival of communication

Additional Services

Bespoke Session Delivery, Individual Coaching & Train the Trainer
Find out about creating a bespoke workshop; individual skills coaching or to talk about developing and delivering sessions yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can help any group of people who want to develop their skills in a fun, interactive environment. Our sessions are suitable for both teams who work together as well as social groups and clubs. We also provide ticketed events for individuals which can be a great way to upskill and meet new people.

Training sessions will put more emphasis on developing the skills aspect of the session, whereas team building will focus more on the collaboration involved in the tasks themselves. When you discuss your session goals with us, we’ll adjust the focus together to get the right balance for you.

Think of this model as a practical alternative or supplement to traditional written applications and formal interviews. Candidates can show their strengths rather than just tell you about them. When you discuss your aims for the session with us, just let us know that it’s a recruitment activity, then we just make three considerations when deciding how to adapt delivery:

  • What skills or qualities you’re looking for.
  • What ‘good’ looks like and how we expect to see it during the activities.
  • How you will participate in the session; as a participant, co-facilitator; or just as an observer.

Supportive, encouraging and just a little pinch of sass and mischief to keep things fun. Obviously that’s not to everyone’s tastes and if you’re looking for more formal training, delivered in a traditional style then The Marvellous Training Co. probably isn’t right for you. When you tell us about your aims, let us know any information about the group that might be relevant too so we can adapt the delivery and resources as far as possible to ensure it’s a fun, engaging and accessible experience for everyone.

I can still touch my toes but it’s not getting any easier! I suppose that’s not what you meant though… In terms of content, the best thing is to talk to us about your ideal outcomes for the session. We can abridge or adapt content to suit your needs and where needed even look at developing bespoke sessions for you. In terms of cost, it depends on how much development your session needs to take it from ‘off-the-rack’ to something that meets your needs. Talk to us about your spending goals for training and we can discuss scaling something that suits both your aims and your purse strings. Special rates are available for charities, non-profits and community groups.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch, if you’d like to know more or to book a session.

Marvellous Values

Our sessions all share these values:

  • Creativity: Sessions will allow you to be imaginative and solve problems thoughtfully
  • Collaboration: Group based activities to develop understanding, empathy and communication
  • Empowerment: Dynamic content which feels worthwhile and encourages you to make valuable contributions
  • Freedom: You should enjoy yourself, feel included and that all perspectives are welcome
All our sessions have been developed to add value to your skills, your self-esteem and leave you feeling better off than when you arrived.

Contact Details

  • (+44) 0117 230 0023

Session Delivery Highlights

Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage

As a digital skills coach, delivered sessions and one to one coaching across a range of business, professional and digital skills.

Inspire Gifts and Gallery

Developed and delivered a bespoke session for this award winning independent gift shop: Bullet Journaling workshop for customers that demonstrated creative uses for stationary to have fun with personal organisation.


Onboarded as a facilitator and delivered several workshops as part of this marvellous project by Google to empower women and underrepresented minorities by challenging modesty norms.