Create a Smart To-do List in Excel

Create a smart to-do list with this short 15 minute guide that will help you get more familar with features from Excel:

  • Using Tables
  • Creating drop-down options with Data Validation
  • Automatic colour coding with Conditional Formatting
  • Keeping tally with the Countif Function

Download the slides that accompany this guide here:

Smart To-do List in Excel Guide

Our Guide to Training Others (Home Ed.)

This Home edition of the guidance is especially for people who are helping others:

Complete studies and school work at home

Improve their skills and confidence using digital devices

Access the slides for this presentation here.

Free Download Guide (PDF): Record your Screen

Recording your screen, and your instructions is quick and easy with Loom, which can be installed as a free plug in for Google Chrome. It’s ideal for showing people how to complete tasks effectively; it means they can pause and rewatch if they need to and you can re-use the video too if it’s a frequently asked question. Download the free PDF guide to get started.