Let's Get Digital: Online Sessions

All these online sessions are free. These editions provide a taster of our full sessions. This new feature is still under development so come back in the future for more content and additional features such as video guides and some of my own examples too.

Confidence Set Goals Targets The Marvellous Training Co. Adventure for Confidence
The Adventure for Confidence

Try this Day Tripper Edition of The Adventure for Confidence. If you’re looking for ways to feel more confident, set goals and strategies to achieve them this could be the perfect course for you. The video is just below and remember to download the free course document. You will get help to:

  • Understand your strengths.

  • Develop strategies to overcome challenges on the way to your goals.

This course has two stages: the first reflects on where you’ve been to outline your strengths and the second outlines challenges you’re facing and exploring the best ways to overcome them.


For details about going on The Full Expedition, just get in touch.

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