Alex’s Marvellous Training Company

Alex's Marvellous Training Company

Alex Robertshaw started The Marvellous Training Company to provide training that involved people at a personal level in parallel to their professional development. The ambition was to create events that people wanted to go to and left better off than when they came. Inspired by Roald Dahl, the intent was to create an imaginative and experience based service. There is a short chapter in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory about a room with square sweets that look round. The lasting impact was to find playful ways to inspire others to see things with fresh eyes and unlock their creativity

Lead Facilitator: Alex Robertshaw

Alex Robertshaw Team Building and Training with ProSocial LX

  • MA (Hons) English
  • Google Digital Garage Coach
  • #IamRemarkable Workshop Facilitator
  • Lloyd's Bank Academy Coach
    • I’m Alex Robertshaw and I started The Marvellous Training Company to provide a service to help people develop their skills and confidence in a fun and creative way. I worry that a lot of professional coaching and corporate training tries to pigeon hole people to fit a training style and it’s my aim to do exactly the opposite. I create and adapt sessions to fit different kinds of people. My past as an educator and coach for so many different people gives me insight into what makes a session effective and enjoyable. Overall I hope to help people not just learn a skill but leave inspired to go out and use it. 

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