A Postcard from the Future

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A Postcard from The Future

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As part of The Marvellous Training Co.’s confidence building course (which, one of the first exercises I ask folk to do is imagine a postcard arrives from their ideal future. You can write whatever you like but it has to be from your ideal future; it has to be fairly realistic (I won’t stop you writing about winning the lottery and moving to a penthouse in Atlantis but I will challenge you on how you expect to get there!) Moreover it has to be optimistic which I appreciate is a big ask if you’ve spent a lot of time just rolling with the punches without much left over for ‘visualising an intention’. I think sometimes it helps to start there, write about the present as the past and just imagine finding the most immediate improvements to your situation. For myself, I found it really useful to write it from the point of view of a loved one.

The main thing I like about it is, it doesn’t have to be formal. You can make mistakes and even get it completely wrong.

A word of warning, unlike a normal postcard, you may find yourself writing a great deal. If that’s so it might useful to draft it in a journal or a notebook. I actually like to create mini-postcards in my bullet journal that have the bullet points on each one. But that’s more indicative of having too much free time on my hands than any kind of exceptional practice…

So my bullet journal obsession aside, I’ve composed my own postcard from the future to share with you here, written from the perspective of an anonymous good friend:

Dear Alex,

It’s September 2019 and I’m writing to say I TOLD YOU SO! (And I love you, of course!) We’re sat together at my place and I can clearly remember you telling me you couldn’t book any time to see friends back in December for the foreseeable because you just didn’t know what was going on. You were looking for full-time work, living at home with your mum and just starting to promote your business. You were doing so well but at the time you just felt so keen to get moving on, especially to move out again and be in a position where you could earn a living, pay the rent but not at the expense of your health again.

Well, look at you now. At one point it looked like you’d never find a job but in the end that just gave you the chance to build the business into an incredible service that is now helping all kinds of people enjoy their lives and do their jobs better. Of course someone hired you in the end and at first, I know how nervous you were but it didn’t stop you.

The funny thing is without being at home for so long I don’t think you’d have recovered as well as you did, and I think it makes you appreciate having your own place so much more. You never gave up and now you have a job you enjoy, a business of your own you’re building too and you look happy and healthy. I always knew it was going to happen, I know it was hard, I know how impossible it felt and as much as I started by saying I TOLD YOU SO! Remember that I’m also so proud of you for never giving up.

All my love, my love!

It feels so strange to write it at first, and especially as I know I’m sharing it with you, the usual self-criticism kicked in and made it harder. But hopefully, that won’t bother you too much as you don’t have to share your postcard from the future with anyone.

Try it out today; and if you so wish please leave a comment to let me know what it says, I’d love to hear them! Wishing you the best of luck as you set out on this journey too and if you want to know more about the confidence building course check it out here or send me an email alex@marvelloustraining.com

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