Our Story

The Marvellous training company was set up to help people grow, collaborate harmoniously and solve problems with creative thinking. The core philosophy is that valuable training can be fun, enjoyable and thought-provoking. 

The company was created by Alex Robertshaw a former drama teacher who noticed that the skills he was teaching in lessons with some of the most desirable and useful skills in the workplace today. His experience in drama teaching lent itself naturally to creating enjoyable, creative and valuable sessions which will help people to develop their skills as well as their confidence to apply them. Alex noticed at many training sessions the delivery style was led from the front which felt like a missed opportunity. So he decided the gold standard should be that all sessions should be 80% interactive with a focus on collaborative exploration skills and ideas. Alex highly values a playful approach to session development which is why each one has its own theme and narrative in order to make them more enjoyable and memorable for participants to each session.

Alex enjoys delivering sessions in a friendly enthusiastic style with just a pinch of sass to keep you on your toes, describing his delivery persona as a dynamic blend Willy Wonka and Mary Poppins. This type of delivery isn’t everybody’s cup of tea and certainly, those who prefer a more traditional, formal style of training might prefer an alternative training provider with a more conservative approach to skills development. Every session aims to deliver useful outcomes and provide opportunities for aha moments that help to work and achieve our goals better.

All of our sessions have been specially developed to allow them to be customised which also creates the opportunity for collaboration. We have so far collaborated with experts in different fields from digital marketing, journalism and even yoga instructors and choreographers to create unique customised sessions that celebrate the diversity and the strength and that comes from combining our differences.



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